How to Schedule and Conduct a District Meeting


You can increase support for the Lymphedema Treatment Act by meeting with your members of Congress at a nearby district office! 

In-person meetings are the single most effective way to
persuade your members of Congress to cosponsor the bill.


STEP #1: Submit a Meeting Request

  • Go to the member of Congress’ website – for Senators, for Representatives.
  • Look for a Meeting Request form and follow the instructions.
  • If no Meeting Request form is offered, look for the district office locations and call the one where you wish to set up the meeting. 
  • Scheduling a meeting is not difficult, but it can take time for them to work you into their schedule.
  • NOTE: members of our board would be happy to assist you by placing the initial meeting request. If you would like this help please contact us at Put “District Meeting” in the subject line and include your full home address, as this will be required by the congressional office to verify you are a constituent. 


STEP #2: Preparing for Your Meeting


STEP #3: What to Bring to Your Meeting

  • The Congressional Information Packet.
  • A one-page personal letter explaining why the Lymphedema Treatment Act is important to you, and stating that you are asking for your Representative/Senator to cosponsor this bill.
  • Any photos you wish to share, such as before and after treatment, complications, etc.
  • Your compression supplies – wear what is appropriate, and bring nighttime and other supplies to show.


STEP #4: Executing Your Meeting

  • Relax and be yourself – they don’t expect you to be an expert. Follow the tips in our Advocacy Handbook and let the Congressional Information Packet guide you through the meeting.
  • If you are asked a question you don’t know how to answer don’t guess or make up an answer. Just tell them you’ll get back to them and then Contact Us if you need assistance.
  • Point out the number of cosponsors our bill has in the House and Senate and name any from your state, then ask for your Representative/Senator to cosponsor the bill too.
  • Ask when and how you can expect to hear of your Representative’s/Senator’s decision to cosponsor the bill, and get the contact information of a staff member to follow up with.


STEP #5: Following Up After Your Meeting

  • Let us know about your meeting, how it went, and if you need any additional information. 
  • Send a follow up thank you email to the staff contact person within a few days of the meeting. 
  • Continue to send brief polite emails, or call, about every two weeks, reminding the staff that you are eager to know if your Representative/Senator will be cosponsoring the Lymphedema Treatment Act.
  • Remember that some offices only need to be asked, while others need a lot of education and persuasion from their constituents. Every meeting makes a difference and moves us closer to passing the LTA and having coverage for lymphedema compression supplies!