Help Increase Support for the Lymphedema Treatment Act!


Cosponsors are one of the key factors in determining which bills are eventually passed into law. While there is no magic number, the greater our number of cosponsors the stronger our position!

You can help increase support for the Lymphedema Treatment Act by by taking the following actions:

Step #1 – E-mail your Rep & Senators in one easy step – template letter provided, just fill in your name and address and personalize the letter if desired.

Step #2 – Call your Senators – the number to call and a short script are provided – in most cases you are simply leaving a message, but this step is so important!

Step #3 – Call your Representative – like calling your Senators, the number to call and a short script are provided.

Step #4 – Contact your Rep & Senators Via Social Media – sample tweets and Facebook posts are provided.

Step #5 – Attend a District Meeting– find simple instructions on how to schedule, prepare for and conduct your meeting.

Step #6 – Repeat Steps 1 through 4 as needed!  Some offices need little more than to be asked. Others need a lot of education and persuasion from their constituents. Every email, call, post and tweet makes a difference!


To see which members of Congress are already cosponsors of the Lymphedema Treatment Act use the links below. If a member is already signed on then it’s a great idea to thank them for their support!

For the current list of Senate cosponsors click HERE.

For the current list of House cosponsors click HERE.


To learn more about the legislative process:

The Library of Congress

I’m Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)