Rebecca’s Story

by Heather on May 8, 2017

I had Stage III breast ccancer 15 years ago. It was a form with a marker that had never responded to Chemotherapy/Radiation. Usually people with that marker died quite soon. I am alive today because a Dr Slamon invented a NEW biological agent Herceptin! I was in the 1st Clinical Trial and Received the medication. My Oncologist said last year I would not be sitting at appointment but for this Miracle. Now I have chronic stable Breast cancer.

However 2 years after treatment I burned that hand on a motel waffle iron. Since that time have had Lymphedema with multiple recurrent treatments. That arm is swollen as they had to remove 13 lymph nodes. As a result I need wear Compression garments 24/7. In day it consists of a sleeve and glove, and at night a bulky quilted combination glove/sleeve. They are for treatment equivalent to a prosthesis. The cost is high and I received a letter stating Insurance would no longer cover. I had to switch to a less expensive, less effective type.

I have restrictions: unable to do buttons, zippers and needlework. I have been forced to quit Bocce and other activities where two hands are necessary. The quality of life was much improved when I was able to use the more costly garments. The current ones do not have the same amount of Compression therefore I cannot wear certain clothing thatĀ fit over the left arm–decreasing options.

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