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WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE! This is an entirely patient-driven, grassroots cause.
We have no paid lobbyists and are not represented by any special interest group.  
Our continued progress depends on the involvement of people just like you.

You Can Help Increase Awareness In The Following Ways

Information Cards:
We will gladly supply you with the information cards seen here and at the bottom of this page. These are perfect for taking to doctor’s and therapist’s offices, support groups, compression garment fitters/suppliers, etc. The cards are shrink wrapped in packs of 50, and typically one pack of cards per physical location is appropriate.
Click here to place your order. (For those who are able, we suggest a donation of $5 per pack to offset our costs; for those who are unable, we will gladly provide them free of charge so long as we have the ability to do so.)
One-page Facts Sheet:
Please print and distribute or post this one-page facts sheet as you see fit. This facts sheet is designed for the general public. A facts sheet created for sharing with members of Congress and their staff can be downloaded via a link at the bottom of our About the Bill page.
Please “like” the Lymphedema Treatment Act Facebook page and post something about the Act on your Facebook page. You can compose your own message or use this one: Please support passage of the Lymphedema Treatment Act so that patients are no longer denied coverage for the compression supplies that are a vital component of lymphedema treatment. There are many quick and easy ways you can help – just visit the LTA website to learn how. Thanks for your support!
If you use Twitter please follow us and re-tweet our tweets.
If you have a website or blog please consider including information and/or a link about the Act. Our logo is available here and a “one-pager” with all of the most important information is available here. If you prefer to not write the post yourself then a pre-written message from Heather Ferguson, Executive Director of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group, is available here.
Tell-A-Friend Form:
Use this Tell-A-Friend form to quickly tell up to 10 people at a time about our website.
Thank you for helping us spread awareness about the Act!

LTA Information Card