Tell Leadership it’s Time to Pass the LTA!

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The Lymphedema Treatment Act is one of the most broadly supported bills in Congress. This is a great achievement— but we have to make sure the top decision makers know about it— so they can move our bill forward this fall.

Please contact the following Senate and House leadership offices following the instructions below! Note that most offices only allow incoming email from constituents by requiring a zip code match, which is why an email option is not able to be provided here, with the exception of one office.

Finance Health Subcommittee Chairman, Senator Patrick Toomey
phone (202) 224-4254  —  fax (202) 228-0248  —  Twitter @SenToomey
Finance Health Subcommittee Ranking Member, Senator Debbie Stabenow:
phone (202) 224-4822  —  fax (none) —  Twitter @SenStabenow

Majority Whip, Senator John Cornyn:
phone (202) 224-2934 —  fax (none)   —  Twitter @JohnCornyn

Minority Whip, Senator Dick Durbin:
phone (202) 224-2152  fax (202) 228-0400 —  Twitter @SenatorDurbin
Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell:
phone (202) 224-2541  —  fax (202) 224-2499  —  Twitter @McConnellPress

Minority Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer:
phone (202) 224-6542  —  fax (202) 228-3027 —  Twitter @SenSchumer 

Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Orrin Hatch: 
phone (202) 224-5251 —  fax (202) 224-6331  —  Twitter @SenOrrinHatch

Finance Committee Ranking Member, Senator Ron Wyden: 
phone (202) 224-5244  —  fax (202) 228-2717  —  Twitter @RonWyden
Energy & Commerce Committee Vice Chair, Representative Joe Barton:
phone 202-225-2002  —  fax 202-225-3052  —  Twitter @RepJoeBarton

Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee Vice Chair, Representative Brett Guthrie:
phone 202-225-3501  —  fax 202-226-2019  —  Twitter @RepGuthrie

Majority Whip, Representative Steve Scalise:
phone 202-225-3015  —  fax (none)  —  Twitter @SteveScalise

Assistant Minority Leader, Representative James Clyburn:
phone 202-225-3315  —  fax 202-225-9253  —  Twitter @Clyburn

Policy Committee Chair, Representative Luke Messer:
phone 202-225-3021  —  fax 765-747-5586  —  Twitter @RepLukeMesser
Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman, Representative Greg Walden:
phone 202-225-6730  —  fax 202-225-5774  —  Twitter @RepGregWalden

Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee Chairman, Representative Michael Burgess:
phone 202-225-7772  —  fax 202-225-2919  —  Twitter @MichaelCBurgess

Energy & Commerce Committee Ranking Member, Representative Frank Pallone:
phone 202-225-4671  —  fax 202-225-9665–  Twitter @FrankPallone

Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee Ranking Member, Representative Gene Green:
phone 202-225-1688  —  fax 202-225-9903  —  Twitter @RepGeneGreen

Ways & Means Committee Chairman, Representative Kevin Brady:
phone 202-225-4901  —  fax 202- 225-5524  —  Twitter @RepKevinBrady

Ways & Means Health Subcommitte Chairman, Representative Pat Tiberi:
phone 202-225-5355  —  fax 202- 226-4523  —  Twitter @PatTiberi

Ways & Means Committee Ranking Member, Representative Richard Neal:
phone 202-225-5601  —  fax 202-225-8112 —  Twitter @RepRichardNeal

Ways & Means Health Subcommittee Ranking Member, Representative Sandy Levin:
phone 888-810-3880  —  fax 202-226-1033  —  Twitter @RepSandyLevin

House Speaker, Representative Paul Ryan:
phone 202-225-3031  —  Twitter @SpeakerRyan

Minority Leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi:

phone 202-225-4965  —  Pelosi’s email form (no fax)  —  Twitter @NancyPelosi

Majority Leader, Representative Kevin McCarthy:
phone 202-225-2915  —  fax 202-225-2908  —  Twitter @GOPLeader

Minority Whip, Representative Steny Hoyer:
phone 202-225-4131  —  fax 202-225-4300  —  Twitter @WhipHoyer

Here is what you do: 
Call, fax or tweet the offices listed above. A script is provided for phone calls. For faxing, use our ready-to-go fax form. If tweeting, simply copy and paste our pre-set message. Choose your method or feel free to use them all.  Please ask your friends and family to reach out as well– the more participation, the greater the impact.

Phone script:
“Please tell Senator/Representative [name] to pass the Lymphedema Treatment Act (S497/HR930) this year. With over 340 cosponsors, this bipartisan and bicameral bill is one of the most widely supported health care bills in Congress. Millions of Americans with lymphedema—the majority of them cancer survivors—are counting on Senator/Representative [name] to modernize Medicare and close this coverage gap.”

Fax form (GoogleDocs):
Version 1 – download as a Word doc, complete then print.
Version 2 – print then complete by hand.

Twitter message:
Please pass @LymphedemaAct now! Bipart/bicam 340 cosponsors! Millions-mostly cancer survivors-need coverage gap fix @HHSGov

Look ahead: 
Watch for more Congressional offices to be added to the Reach & Rally list.  If we concentrate our efforts, week by week, our bill will gain notice.  This is a vital step toward passage, and together, if we all participate, we can make an impact.

Together, we can pass the LTA!