Katia’s Story

by Heather on February 25, 2016

I suffer with Lymphedema and stage 4 Lipedema and my quality of life for the survival compression garments are needed. I have suffered from numerous bouts of cellulitis and other severe infections from my legs dragging ground and getting cut and leading to infections. I also had to stop working from the other health issues that Lymphedema can cause. I had fluid filled up in body that caused me heart failure before. Just by having compressions on it will stop and slow down the accumulation of fluid. My good friend had Lymphedema and he not here because the fluid flooded out his lungs in his sleep. My insurance, Medicare, doesn’t cover my compressions and it is very much needed so I can get better and no more health co-morbities happen. ┬áThe Lymphedema Treatment Act will save so many lives, including mine.

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